General Requirements – Walls 2’ or longer require a receptacle, with spacing a maximum of 12’ apart.

Special situations:

  • Doors and fireplaces creates exceptions to the 12’ requirement - there must be an outlet within 6’ on either side

  • Windows do not create and exception to the 12’ requirement, if needed, a floor receptable can be used

  • An receptacle within 5 ½’ of the floor meets the requirement of the 12’ spacing

  • The 12’ requirement includes the distance around all corners

  • A guard, such as a railing is considered a wall. Floor receptacle can be used in this situation

Kitchen Requirements – any countertop 12” or longer requires a receptacle, with spacing a maximum of 48” apart

Special situations:

  • Must be a receptacle within 24” from the end of all countertops

  • Sinks and ranges create exceptions to the 48” requirement – there must be a receptacle within 24” of each side

  • If there is 18” or more of space behind the sink, a receptacle is required

  • Island and peninsula countertops that are 12” or wider and 24” or longer must have a receptacle, nor more than 12” below the countertop with a maximum overhang of 6”